An Impossible Attraction book cover

  • On Sale: February 23, 2010
  • Harlequin, 384 pages
  • Victorian Era, 1845
  • ISBN-13: 978-0373774609

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"4 1/2 Stars! In her inimitable style Joyce presents her unforgettable de Warrenes in a mesmerizing new romance. Her marvelous storytelling, combined with the high level of emotion, makes for a non-stop delight of a read."

–Kathe Robin, RT BOOKReviews

Authors Note

An Impossible Attraction

Brenda Joyce

I hope you enjoy reading An Impossible Attraction as much I enjoyed writing it. I wanted Stephen and Alexandra’s story to be a bit off the beaten path, and hopefully, you’ll be intrigued by their trials and tribulations. And now I am happy to announce that the story you have been waiting for—and asking me for-- is on its way to you! I am halfway through Alexi’s and Elysse’s epic love story, which will be released later in 2010.

This is truly a thrill ride! As you know from A Dangerous Love, Alexi married Elysse in 1833—then left her at the altar and hasn’t seen his bride in the five year interim. In An Impossible Attraction, Elysse and Alexi are ecstatically together, with a child on the way. So what happened, exactly?

As you probably know by now, I always follow my muse. That is why I wrote these stories out of order; I simply wasn’t ready to delve into Elysse and Alexi’s incredibly intense and passionate love story. The novel opens in the spring of 1833, with Alexi returning home after a two and a half year absence. Elysse can’t wait to see him, and to get his attention, she flirts shamelessly–with his friend. Her reckless flirtation leads to murder and marriage—and to Alexi coldly and furiously leaving Elysse right after their wedding vows are exchanged.

Six years later, Elysse is one of London’s reigning socialites. And Alexi has become a national icon—a China trader, he has set the record for the Canton to London run, and has been the first ship home two years in a row. Outwardly, Elysse is the woman every other woman wishes to be—beautiful, gracious, witty and wealthy, and not only are her invitations fought over, she is married to one of the country’s most dashing men.  But Elysse has spent six years maintaining a terrible pretense—that her life is exactly as she wishes it to be, and that her marriage is a successful one. But that lie is about to be exposed...

That spring, when Alexi’s ship is spotted off Plymouth, Elysse is convinced by her friends to greet him at the docks. Obviously he is not expecting her; obviously he has gone to great pains to avoid her. After six years, their reunion finally takes place. And nothing has changed. He is furious with her—and she is furious with him. But now he intends to stay in London, and she instantly realizes he must play the role of a proper husband, because her pride is at stake...

And so begins the clash of love, pride and passion!

I can’t wait to share their story with you!

Happy Reading,

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